My name is Wang Ming-Wei. Wang is surname and Ming-Wei is given name.

This is the first and critical step for me because I don’t like to express myself openly, BUT I want friends ,so that it might be a good idea to introduce myself firstly. It is one reason I open this blog to attract people who like me and have the same interest with me, another one is that I want to start my career here as an astrologer.

I  was born and raised in Changsha city ,Hunan province of China, where lived with my grandmother ,grandfather, and mother happily and now live in Taiwan with my husband happily as well.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in foreign trade from  Hunan Normal University, I began my serious study of Astrology in 2011 by taking Sue Ward’s traditional horary course of foundation level.

During 2013 to 2014, I completed STA practitioner’s level Online horary course designed by Deborah Houlding. My tutor is Eve Dembowski.

Several astrology courses are in the study list , but I’m focusing on Sue Ward’s Diploma Studies at this stage.

My contact email is sfhorary gmail . Welcome to write an email to me and I try my best to write in reply.

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