Revised – 2016 U.S. presidential election

After watching the first U.S. presidential debates in September 26th. I modify some my reasons but remain the same conclusion. The prior one is

In the 2016 Sun’ Libra ingress of USA, Mercury symbolizes Democratic Party, because Mercury signifies blue and Virgo also signifies blue, and Republican Party belongs to Mars since its color is red.

Mercury’s strength is stronger than Mars, but I still think Mars has a chance to win since its dispositor Jupiter is conjuncted with the Sun which also rules the 10th house.

And if we look at the chart of 2017 Sun’s Aries ingress of USA, we will find Jupiter rules the 10th house. That is another testimony Republican party will enter into the white house.

While, there is a testimony shows Hillary will win in this chart. The Moon usually represents woman in the 10th house, but she is afflicted  with Saturn . If she wins this election , she will meet many difficulties during the next coming year.


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