When will the next bus be here?

Last Wednesday, I was going to bank for opening an account, which was in other township, that meant I should take a bus.

About 8:44 a.m. I was waiting the bus at the station. This wasn’t a usual one I had taken so that I quite worried about its schedule. Seven minutes passed, the anxieties increased, then I asked a horary question.

” When will the next bus be here? ”

19th October 2016, 8:51a.m. (UT+8) 120e25 23n42

Asc= Sagittarius 3:30


Jupiter hours, and Sagittarius ascendent ,a perfect match and Jupiter in the 11th house signifying my hope, It seemed the short journey will  be going to eventually.

Some timing clues come to me.

Firstly, The Moon has 3 degrees to touch the cusp the 7th and meanwhile opposite to the cusp of ascendent . The bus would be here in 3 minutes. Such a excited news. It was proved nothing happened, even neither come another passenger, only me to fool myself.

How about when the moon touch the cusp the 7th authentically about at 9:03 a.m. Yes ,it was coming a bus but not the one I want to take. Oh…

Secondly, the other timing clue was that Saturn met the ascendent cusp authentically in 9:35 a.m. it didn’t come.  😦

I had a third timing clue ,but I decided not wait this bus anymore so I turned to other bus station and took other bus with different route at 9:44a.m fianlly.

Late of that day, I had known that bus had a special schedule, only four shifts a day and the final vehicle hour was 2:50p.m.  Driving me crazy!



It isn’t that annoying bus stop. 😀

Need a job

I felt terrible these days. Something goes wrong.

In order to earn a living ,I charge a few money for my horary readings, but I think astrological consultation is different from other consultation or commodities.

Your payment just let me keep myself from the worries and pressures of living so that I’m able to concentrate my attention on reading the chart.

As long as you ask the question sincerely no matter you pay it or not , as the same time I get request and permission from you as I get the response from the heaven.

Only in that situation , I felt loved ,warm, secure , fulfilled and satisfied. It is balance and peaceful .

I need a mundane job to maintain this divine one. I have a plan to look for a job. Hope the heaven helps me. I spend myself too much on worries and fears. I’m exhausted.

Mr.Lilly didn’t teach me how to predict the result of election

The year of 2016, is sweet and bitter for myself. Sweet things are I get a sound understanding of Christian Astrology that brings me a lot of confidence to practise astrology . I can answer lost-found question , job question ,etc, and I have overcome my inner fears of years which are great setbacks in my astrology study.  A bitter thing is I feel frustrated when predict the result of election or referendum.

In the mid-year ,U.K. 2016 referendum, I had a feeling that UK would leave the EU, but I failed to find the reasons from the chart.

Again, U.S. presidential election ,I have a feeling Trump will be U.S. president , but I still fail to confirm it by the chart.