The Sacred Art

About five years ago, in our first talking,  my astrology guru Sue Ward gave me a word ,”divine” . She asked me if understood what it meant, I said No.

After years continued study on it, eventually , I became aware of its meaning .

Many modern astrologers leave it behind, that means no longer trust God,  devote themselves to him, and being humility.

God uses his way to response us.

Please , listen to the voice from more than 300 years before,

My Friend, whoever you are, that with so much ease shall receive the benefit of my hard Studies,

and does intend to proceed in this heavenly knowledge of the Stars, wherein the great and admirable works of the invisible and alglorious God are so manifestly apparent.

In the first place, consider and admire your Creator, and be thankful unto him,

be you humble,

and let no natural knowledge, how profound and transcendent soever it be, elate your minde to neglect that divine Providence,

by whose all-seeing order and appointment, all things heavenly and earthly, have their constant motion;

but the more your knowledge is enlarged, the more do you magnifie the power and wisdom of Almighty God, and strive to preserve your self in his favour; being confident, the more holy you are; and more neer to God, the purer Judgment you shall give.

Beware of pride and self-conceit,

and remember how that long ago, no irrationall Creature dared offend Man, the Microcosm; but did faithfully serve and obey him, so long as he was master of his own Reason and Passions, or until he subjected his Will to the unreasonable part.

But alas! When iniquity abounded, and man gave the reins to his own affection, and deferred reason, then every Beast, Creature and outward harmful thing, became rebellious and unserviceable to his command.

Stand fast, oh man! to your God, and assured principles, then consider your own nobleness, how all things created, both present and to come, were for your sake created; no for your sake God became Man: you are that Creature, who being conversant with Christ, lives and reigns above the heavens, and sits above all power and authority.

How many pre-eminences, advantages has God bestowed on you? you range above the heavens by contemplation, conceive the motion and magnitude of the stars; you talk with Angels, yes with God himself;

you have all creatures under your dominion, and keep the Devils in subjection: Do not then for shame deface your nature, or make yourself unworthy of such gifts, or deprive yourself of that great power, glory and blessedness God has allotted you, by casting from you his fear, for possession of a few imperfect pleasures.

Having considered your God, and what you yourself are, during your being Gods servant;

Must Read time to time:

The Sacred Art: An explanation of Lilly’s “Letter to the Student”

Have fun.


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