Saturn – Jupiter Conjunction in 2020

Dr.Benjamin Dykes in his work, Revolutions & history , Astrology of the World II , illustrates Mean Conjunction of Saturn – Jupiter ,which is different from their true degree conjunction, bases on the average length of each planet’s cycle in the Zodiac , that is the 12-year cycle of Jupiter and 29.4-year of Saturn return.

I think it is reasonable, since it keeps triplicity shift continuously and constantly. That also accepted by Guido Bonatti and William Lilly in their books.

In November 4, 2000, Saturn – Jupiter conjunction shifted to airy triplicity and the first sign was Gemini.

Computers, iphone,WWW website, Internet, conversations, business, learning, novels , literature, homosexuality,also the World Trade Center in USA, the Twin Towers.

The next sign is Aquarius, coming in September 14, 2020.

Electrics,  invention,astronomy, astrology, aerospace science and technology , humanity,fair treatment, new country birth, challengers, freedom, independence, also scholars, learners,  new way for learning, coursera, front projected holographic display teaching techniques ,assistive technology, assistive devices for disabled persons.

Also, old people, old things, old knowledge or tradition combined with new idea, Rinascimento.

Old empires come back.

Disputes and conflicts in some areas,

South Asia, Thailand, Myanmar, South Korea, England, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Iraq, Burgundy, Denmark, Upper Silesia, Judea, Syria.

Disease:  dengue fever, or contagious disease throughout by  mosquitoes, blood infection, all manner of infirmities incident to legs, ankles.

Catastrophe: heavy rain, cold and cloudy weather,  hurricane, tornado, landslide, collapse, shipwrecks, aeroplane accidents,mineral mishaps.


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