2017 Year of Rooster

2017 year is chinese zodiac sign of  fire (丁)rooster( 酉).

丁 fire is Yin Fire and signifies the Moon, stars , candle light, light in the night.

Therefore, it also symbolizes human rationality,  enlightenment, foresight, spirit, psyche, subconscious, divine.

酉 gold is Yin gold and signifies jewels, small and sharp metal material like needles, fog or vapor.

Therefore, it  symbolized precious things, personal loyalty , honor and justice, but also conflicts, befuddlement, disorientation, dispirited, depression.

酉 also rules lungs, so we should beware of bad air, noxious gas, and all the disease belonging to lungs.

When 丁 meets 酉, signifies a light in fog ,which could help us to find the road or a hope in despair or small fire in snowy.


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