France people’s choice

I predicted for Le Pen and it is failed ,but I’m not very surprised .

World is changing . We’re afraid of change, very and very.

As the previous article said, Saturn and Jupiter conjunction is going to Aquarius , which is ruled by Saturn .

Saturn is meant tradition, order, conservation, and independent or even isolation.

Now, they are in Gemini ,which is ruled by Mercury’s.

Mercury is meant information, technology, Iphone, and commerce and globalization.

As we know, Saturn ‘s influence is quite different from Mercury.

In my perspective , the most political difference between Le pen and Macron is leaving or staying EU.

In the early Dutch general election , Netherlands people chose to maintain the present situation , then we are not surprised that France people think so today since both of them are founded countries of EU.

And I think Le Pen lost many voters’s support since she didn’t have a clear alternative economy plan if France withdrew from EU.


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