Practice – pregnancy chart

Where is the missing Youth (5th or 7th used?)

Perfection but Moon Void of Course


Where are his documents?

Where are my books?

Where is my mimikaki?!

Lost my Gold chain


Someone stole my coat, iPhone, bank card and car keys!

Suffering from black magic since 3yrs. Plz help

Where is the cookbook?

Where is my passport?

Could I find the owner of lost property?

election campaign

Where is my driving license? Help please emergency


Where is my wedding ring

Where are my keys?

Is there any future in this RelationshiP?

Does he love me?

Should I borrow money to purchase a business?

Will I get this job I interviewed for?

Missing Cat!

Where are my husband’s glasses?

My boyfriend still has feelings for ex?

where is my money?

When will I give birth?Due date 19.07

Why is he so silent?

Where is the check my mother lost?

Will we reconcile?

Will I get the job I applied for?

Where are my keys?

Will she pass the test?

will i get the fixed contract?

Husband gone mad.

Will he want to marry me later on?

Will I get the job?

safe to meet him? URGENT please

Where is my cat?

Will my daughter walk soon?

Will I see him in 2 weeks?

is boss taking my ideas into consideration?

Will I accept to marry him? Is it a good decision?

Missing person

Meet face to face again?

Where is my bank card?

where are my tax records

Where is shoe?

Lost or Stolen Glasses

Where is that “Tai Chi Stick”?

Need help immediately pls — Laptop

New Job – Will I be working at BOA again?

Scared! Exam tomorrow

So anxious about this moving thing!!!! >_>

Can I get that job?


URGENT! where is my marriage certification?
Will I get a car soon?

Does he love me?

Where is the book?

Where is my drivers license?

Where are Missing Tax Papers?

Young men lost in the mountain, where are they?

What happened to ZuZu Verk? (missing young woman)

How long has my cat got left?

Help Needed! I lost my ipod!!!

Where is my beloved jacket?

lost gold chain

PLEASE HELP! friend lost her wallet with passport!!

Lost wallet

Lost My Social Security Card! 😦

My cat is missing! Where is he? I am very worried.

Where is House buying documents?

Will my mom get her visa approved?

My Brother is missing

Why can’t I find a job?

Exercise: when is she going to give birth?

Exercise: When will my book arrive?

When will the two books arrive?

Where is my emerald ring?

Will I win this contest?

Where is my bracelet?

At last I got a job!

Where is my boyfriend’s wallet?

where is my scarf?

Will I get the job I have applied for?

Where is my wedding ring

Hidden treasure

Lost bank cards and drivers license. Will i find t

Will my brother pass his exam?

Will our ExForum Member be back soon?

Where is my cat?

Will she win tomorrow’s lawsuit?

Will we meet soon again?

Get together over holidays?

Will I get this job?


Handbag lost, please help