The Rectification of a Nativite Study – Donald Trump

As an apprentice astrologer, I desire easy, clear, definite instructions, finally ,I find that Deborah Houlding ‘s two articles are helpful for calculating oblique ascensions (note1), and Benjamin Dykes’s astrology lecture named Primary Directions Without Tears is good for calculating three basic types of primary directions(note 2), the last Henry Coley’s step by step tutorial is useful for rectifying the birth time of nativities (note3).

Step 1: To have a estimated time.

Donald Trump was born on 14 June 1946 at 10:54 AM, Jamaica, New York, 40n41, 73w48 EDT h4w . Rodden Rating AA (note4)

Step 2: To set up a speculum.

(1) A table includes thirty two horizontal columns and thirteen vertical columns.

In the top of horizontal column  ,set the twelves signs in order, and in the first left hand vertical column, place the degrees of the signs beginning with 0,1,2,3…to 30.

(2) Place the planets, the north node , and the south node, as well as the Part of Fortune in their respective columns, that is right against the degrees of their places in the first column,and just under the signs they are in,noted at top.

(3) Antiscions and contra-antiscions table of the planets, also the table of essential dignities and debilities, and Fixed Stars.

(4) Dexter and sinister aspects.

(5) Signs and degrees of Ascendent and Mid-heaven.

Step 3: To collect accidents.

In Donald Trump’s natal chart, his Moon is aspecting to three planets, there are the Sun by opposition ,Mercury by contra-antiscions, and Jupiter by sextile.

Event1 : His first marriage happened on 7th April 1977 with Ivana Zelníčková and his age was 30 years 9months 24days old. We rounded it to 31 years .

Event2: His second marriage happened on 20 December 1993 with Marla Maples , and his age was 47 years 6 months 6days . We rounded it to 47 years.

Event3: His third marriage happened on 22nd January 2005 with Melania Knauss, and his age was 58 years 7 months 8 days. We rounded it to 59 years.

Step 4: To verify the Mid-heaven.

The current Mid-heaven is in Taurus  24 degrees 22 minutes

According to event1, we get Mid-heaven in Gemini  24 degrees 33 minutes.

The difference between natal Sun is backward 1 degree and 38 minutes.

According to event2, we get Mid-heaven in  Cancer 09 degrees 18 minutes.

The difference between natal Mercury is  backward 27 minutes.

According to event3, we get Mid-heaven in Cancer 20 degrees 29 minutes.

The difference between natal Jupiter is backward 3 degrees and 2 minutes.

The average value is 1 degrees 42 minutes. To subtract this value from Taurus 24 degrees 22 minutes, we get 22 degrees 40 minutes.

Setp 5: Result.

There are  the rectified Mid-heaven in Taurus 22 degrees 40 minutes and the rectified ascendent in Leo 28 degrees 35 minutes.

The relative time is 10:47 AM.

So ,Donald Trump remains to have a Leo ascendent if my calculation is right.

Have fun.

Gauricus & the Warning of Death given to Henry II of France

An Easy Introduction to Primary Directions

Lecture: Primary Directions Without Tears

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