When will the next bus be here?

Last Wednesday, I was going to bank for opening an account, which was in other township, that meant I should take a bus.

About 8:44 a.m. I was waiting the bus at the station. This wasn’t a usual one I had taken so that I quite worried about its schedule. Seven minutes passed, the anxieties increased, then I asked a horary question.

” When will the next bus be here? ”

19th October 2016, 8:51a.m. (UT+8) 120e25 23n42

Asc= Sagittarius 3:30


Jupiter hours, and Sagittarius ascendent ,a perfect match and Jupiter in the 11th house signifying my hope, It seemed the short journey will  be going to eventually.

Some timing clues come to me.

Firstly, The Moon has 3 degrees to touch the cusp the 7th and meanwhile opposite to the cusp of ascendent . The bus would be here in 3 minutes. Such a excited news. It was proved nothing happened, even neither come another passenger, only me to fool myself.

How about when the moon touch the cusp the 7th authentically about at 9:03 a.m. Yes ,it was coming a bus but not the one I want to take. Oh…

Secondly, the other timing clue was that Saturn met the ascendent cusp authentically in 9:35 a.m. it didn’t come.  😦

I had a third timing clue ,but I decided not wait this bus anymore so I turned to other bus station and took other bus with different route at 9:44a.m fianlly.

Late of that day, I had known that bus had a special schedule, only four shifts a day and the final vehicle hour was 2:50p.m.  Driving me crazy!



It isn’t that annoying bus stop. 😀

A celebrity divorce in China event chart

A husband , who was a renowned Chinese movie star , announced online on 14th, August that he was divorcing his wife because she had an affair with his assistant.

The following chart was erected by the time when he posted this news in his personal weibo.

Screen shot 2016-08-18 at 上午3.12.40

The ascendent and his ruler Mercury represented the husband , and his wife signified by the 7th house and her ruler Jupiter.

Mercury in his rulership sign and exaltation signified his popularity and high esteem by the Chinese society. Most of Wangmin (Netizen or internet users) thought he was an honest,faithful and friendly man , and stood his side in this event. While her wife wasn’t so lucky, her significator Jupiter was fall and peregrine, most of Chinese netizens were against her ,insulted her, even angry at the people who want to remain neutral.

Did she really cheat her husband ?

Lilly warned us that : ‘ I must charge all sons of Art to be sparing in delivering judgment upon these queries, rather to be silent; for as men we may err,and so by delivering an unlucky judgment ,be authors of much mischief.’ (Lilly 1647)

In this chart, Jupiter wasn’t in  aspects with other planets within their moieties, expect the Moon and Mercury.

The Moon in the ascendant (the 7th house is the turned 1st house of her) with Saturn, the woman was abused by force and not by her consent. (Lilly) .

If the Moon is in the 7th house, she has none yet ,but she will have ,and will be common people. (Lilly)

The moon cast a favourable aspect to the glory Sun.  But why the glory Sun was in the darkest place of the chart- the 4th house. The Sun also ruled the 3rd house the rumors, it seemed some messages or news are hidden well from the public eyes.

The planetary hour ruler was Venus naturally associated with woman and marriage. Venus placed in the 4th house , she was fall and extremely afflicted by Saturn near the cusp of the 7th. The south node also placed in the 10th house ,the public’s house. The south node was most malice on the woman ,imported an abuse of woman, you may call them slanders. (William Lilly 1647).

Mercury was applying to Jupiter , and receiving the latter, he has some power or control or dominion beyond her, but prohibited by the Moon in the 7th house , and in an Arabic Aphorism, that woman who does depart from her husband or become a widow, the moon being between the seventeenth degree of Sagittarius and the first minute of Capricornus , shall never return or marry. (Lilly)

The Sun also is moving closed to Jupiter signifying the end of circle or event, the relationship as well.

While Mercury is conjunct with Jupiter , they might get the agreement between them and divorce peacefully finally,but can’t be reconciled with each other again.

Another issue the Chinese netizens  have  interests in is whether the wife could get the alimony from her husband. The answer probably is yes, because the Moon is the ruler of the husband’s property and now in wife’s house ,and applying to her signficator in mutual reception by rulership of sign and triplicity and Saturn who is the ruler of the wife’s property also disposites the part of fortune!

relating report :http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-37091685