This is the first and critical step for me because I don’t like to express myself openly, BUT I want friends ,so that it might be a good idea to introduce myself firstly. It is one reason I open this blog to attract people who like me and have the same interest with me, another one is that I want to start my career here as an astrologer.

I  used to live in Changsha city ,Hunan province of China, where I was born , with my grandmother ,grandfather, and mother happily and now live in Taiwan with my husband happily as well.

I graduated from Changsha university of science technology as a college graduate in foreign trade, and  Hunan Normal University as a bachelor of English of foreign trade.

I began my serious study of Astrology in 2010 by taking Sue Ward’s traditional horary course foundation level.

During 2013 to 2014, I completed STA practitioner’s level Online horary course designed by Deborah Houlding. My tutor is Eve Dembowski.

Several astrology courses are in the study list , but I’m focusing on Sue Ward’s Diploma Studies at this stage.

My contact email is sfhorary gmail . Welcome to write an email to me and I try my best to write in reply.