The Sacred Art

About five years ago, in our first talking,  my astrology guru Sue Ward gave me a word ,”divine” . She asked me if understood what it meant, I said No.

After years continued study on it, eventually , I became aware of its meaning .

Many modern astrologers leave it behind, that means no longer trust God,  devote themselves to him, and being humility.

God uses his way to response us.

Please , listen to the voice from more than 300 years before,

My Friend, whoever you are, that with so much ease shall receive the benefit of my hard Studies,

and does intend to proceed in this heavenly knowledge of the Stars, wherein the great and admirable works of the invisible and alglorious God are so manifestly apparent.

In the first place, consider and admire your Creator, and be thankful unto him,

be you humble,

and let no natural knowledge, how profound and transcendent soever it be, elate your minde to neglect that divine Providence,

by whose all-seeing order and appointment, all things heavenly and earthly, have their constant motion;

but the more your knowledge is enlarged, the more do you magnifie the power and wisdom of Almighty God, and strive to preserve your self in his favour; being confident, the more holy you are; and more neer to God, the purer Judgment you shall give.

Beware of pride and self-conceit,

and remember how that long ago, no irrationall Creature dared offend Man, the Microcosm; but did faithfully serve and obey him, so long as he was master of his own Reason and Passions, or until he subjected his Will to the unreasonable part.

But alas! When iniquity abounded, and man gave the reins to his own affection, and deferred reason, then every Beast, Creature and outward harmful thing, became rebellious and unserviceable to his command.

Stand fast, oh man! to your God, and assured principles, then consider your own nobleness, how all things created, both present and to come, were for your sake created; no for your sake God became Man: you are that Creature, who being conversant with Christ, lives and reigns above the heavens, and sits above all power and authority.

How many pre-eminences, advantages has God bestowed on you? you range above the heavens by contemplation, conceive the motion and magnitude of the stars; you talk with Angels, yes with God himself;

you have all creatures under your dominion, and keep the Devils in subjection: Do not then for shame deface your nature, or make yourself unworthy of such gifts, or deprive yourself of that great power, glory and blessedness God has allotted you, by casting from you his fear, for possession of a few imperfect pleasures.

Having considered your God, and what you yourself are, during your being Gods servant;

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Have fun.

Need a job

I felt terrible these days. Something goes wrong.

In order to earn a living ,I charge a few money for my horary readings, but I think astrological consultation is different from other consultation or commodities.

Your payment just let me keep myself from the worries and pressures of living so that I’m able to concentrate my attention on reading the chart.

As long as you ask the question sincerely no matter you pay it or not , as the same time I get request and permission from you as I get the response from the heaven.

Only in that situation , I felt loved ,warm, secure , fulfilled and satisfied. It is balance and peaceful .

I need a mundane job to maintain this divine one. I have a plan to look for a job. Hope the heaven helps me. I spend myself too much on worries and fears. I’m exhausted.

Mr.Lilly didn’t teach me how to predict the result of election

The year of 2016, is sweet and bitter for myself. Sweet things are I get a sound understanding of Christian Astrology that brings me a lot of confidence to practise astrology . I can answer lost-found question , job question ,etc, and I have overcome my inner fears of years which are great setbacks in my astrology study.  A bitter thing is I feel frustrated when predict the result of election or referendum.

In the mid-year ,U.K. 2016 referendum, I had a feeling that UK would leave the EU, but I failed to find the reasons from the chart.

Again, U.S. presidential election ,I have a feeling Trump will be U.S. president , but I still fail to confirm it by the chart.

Revised – 2016 U.S. presidential election

After watching the first U.S. presidential debates in September 26th. I modify some my reasons but remain the same conclusion. The prior one is

In the 2016 Sun’ Libra ingress of USA, Mercury symbolizes Democratic Party, because Mercury signifies blue and Virgo also signifies blue, and Republican Party belongs to Mars since its color is red.

Mercury’s strength is stronger than Mars, but I still think Mars has a chance to win since its dispositor Jupiter is conjuncted with the Sun which also rules the 10th house.

And if we look at the chart of 2017 Sun’s Aries ingress of USA, we will find Jupiter rules the 10th house. That is another testimony Republican party will enter into the white house.

While, there is a testimony shows Hillary will win in this chart. The Moon usually represents woman in the 10th house, but she is afflicted  with Saturn . If she wins this election , she will meet many difficulties during the next coming year.

Revised -Celebrity divorce

A husband , who was a renowned Chinese movie star , announced online at 14th August 12:21a.m. (CCT time) that he was divorcing his wife because she had an affair with his agent.

The following chart was erected by the time when he posted this news in his personal weibo.

In his weibo (like Twitter) ,didn’t show the place , but he was going to a local court in Beijing at the next day morning about 9:00a.m. according to reports of his submitting an application for divorce.

The place raised doubts but I thought it was still worth reading since the description of the chart was pertinent to the current situation .

The planetary hour ruler was Venus naturally associated with woman and marriage. She was fall and extremely afflicted by Saturn near the cusp of the 7th and She was placed in the 4th house signifying the domestic quarrels.The south node also in the 10th house was harmful to the female and signifying a scandal about woman and marriage.

The ascendent and his ruler Mercury represented the husband , and his wife signified by the 7th house and her ruler Jupiter.

The ascendent was conjunct with Rigel signifying good fortune, preferment ,riches ,great and lasting honors. (Robson, page 198). Its ruler Mercury in his rulership sign and exaltation signified his popularity and high esteem by the Chinese society. Most of Wangmin (Netizen or internet users) thought he was an honest, faithful and friendly man, and stood his side in this event. While her wife wasn’t so lucky, her significator Jupiter was fall and peregrine,abasing herself in all companies (Lilly page 63).  Most of Chinese netizens were against her ,insulted her.

Who should be the cause of their fighting?

Mercury was applying to Jupiter , and receiving the latter, he has some power or control or dominion over her, and have some feelings about her as well. But this application is prohibited by the Moon in the 7th house, and Mars and Saturn is near to the cusp of the 7th. The wife should be the cause of this strife. (Lilly page 310).

Money should be another cause for their disagreement because the Moon rules the 2nd house and  Venus was afflicted by Saturn  who is the ruler of 8th  also disposites the part of fortune. (Lilly page 311).

Did she really cheat her husband ?

Lilly warned us that : ‘ I must charge all sons of Art to be sparing in delivering judgment upon these queries, rather to be silent; for as men we may err,and so by delivering an unlucky judgment ,be authors of much mischief.’

In this chart, Jupiter wasn’t in aspects with other planets within their moieties, expect the Moon and Mercury her husband significator, she had none lover.( Lilly page 316)

The Moon in the ascendant (the 7th house was the turned 1st house of her) with Saturn, the woman was abused by force and not by her consent. (Lilly page 314) .

If the Moon was in the 7th house, she had none yet ,but she would have.(Lilly page 316).

Neither the ruler of 7th and the Moon is involved with Mars and Saturn so that I thought this woman was honest in their marriage.(Lilly page 314).

Saturn and Mar was near to the cusp of 7th ,and in the same sign as its argued that she might have a lover or lovers  but Mars was bit far from it ,and Saturn was the ruler of the 8th and the Part of fortune as well as Mercury was closed to Jupiter. There was no clear evidence she had a lover behind her husband.

Only one argument she would have lover behind her husband, was that the Moon was translating the light from the Sun to Jupiter, but the Sun had his rulership of sign dignity in Leo and it is a fixed sign. The glory Sun was in the darkest place of the chart- the 4th house and its Antiscion was in Taurus eight degree and thirty nine minutes and placed in the 12th house .He also ruled the 3rd house the rumors, its a it seemed some messages or news are hidden well from the public eyes and someone secretly slandered this couple.

Did she defraud his money ?

The Moon was peregrine and placed in the 7th house, and she was the ruler of the husband’s property and applying to her signficator in mutual reception by triplicity. All she want were his money. She might keep or hide his money against his will.

The outcome of the event.

The Moon was translating the light from the Sun to Jupiter, and the Sun ruled the 4th house signifying she wanted to end this relationship .

The Sun was also moving closed to Jupiter signifying the end of circle or event, the relationship as well.

Mercury was conjunct with Jupiter , they might get the agreement between them and divorce peacefully finally.( Lilly page 372)

Mercury and Jupiter were in the 5th house, both of them thought about their children. They might share the guardianship.


Based on the chart telling, I thought the cause of their divorce was money rather than an affair because the Moon and Saturn were the main destroyers of their marriage, which were respectively the rulers of the 2nd and 8th and the Part of fortune only get +2 points and should be considered weak.

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This is the first and critical step for me because I don’t like to express myself openly, BUT I want friends ,so that it might be a good idea to introduce myself firstly. It is one reason I open this blog to attract people who like me and have the same interest with me, another one is that I want to start my career here as an astrologer.

I  used to live in Changsha city ,Hunan province of China, where I was born , with my grandmother ,grandfather, and mother happily and now live in Taiwan with my husband happily as well.

I graduated from Changsha university of science technology as a college graduate in foreign trade, and  Hunan Normal University as a bachelor of English of foreign trade.

I began my serious study of Astrology in 2010 by taking Sue Ward’s traditional horary course foundation level.

During 2013 to 2014, I completed STA practitioner’s level Online horary course designed by Deborah Houlding. My tutor is Eve Dembowski.

Several astrology courses are in the study list , but I’m focusing on Sue Ward’s Diploma Studies at this stage.

My contact email is sfhorary gmail . Welcome to write an email to me and I try my best to write in reply.